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Katy Stanley is a harpist, composer, and arranger from Tulsa, OK with special interest in composing original pieces, therapeutic music, and arranging covers of classical pieces, popular, and hymns.


From an early age, Katy has always been interested in music and how sound works. Her love of music began at age nine with piano lessons from her grandmother. Since then she has won awards for piano and preforms regularly with her harp. 

During her week she enjoys playing for her church and neighbors when not preforming for events.

Katy has completed the PMME program offered by Harp for Healing and is currently studying clinical therapeutic music through their certification program. 

She composes original pieces for the harp including a trio for harp, flute, and violin. Her pieces range from hymns to modern music with a special interest in classical pieces. Sheet music of her original pieces and arrangements will be available soon to purchase.

Katy and her harp

If you would like to support Katy's musical journey please follow her Instagram page and join the email list for a monthly newsletter.

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